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Full Version: ni no kuni wrath of the white witch help
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i got few problems with this game.... First when its the anime cutscene after it turns all black screen if i dont hurry to skip it in big world map when he comes to the world its like 4-6 fps.... sometimes its 30 here and there in some in game cutscenes but most around 15.. i dont know if that should work like that i hope someone can help out and tell me if i do things right if not i guess someone can help me?

and yes i did Select Automatic and Manual Load and select libjpgdec.sprx and still same thing for me so i dont know what to do... so i put back to auto only

heres some pic how it looks like in the settings and of course if something wrong.. just guide me Smile

my spec is.. i5-2500k 3.30 ghz 8 gb ram gtx 970 i got the lastest build from yesterday too

Thanks for the help! ps tried to put the log it said its too big and tried without winrar too... sorry