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Full Version: x360ce tutorial
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After seeing that rpcs3 supports local multiplayer (windows only) if you use xinput controllers, I did a few tests to see if I was able to use 2 custom fighting sticks to battle with a friend.
Short answer: yes.
For this, follow these steps:
  1. go to http://www.x360ce.com/ and download the 64bit version
  2. unzip and launch. It will create a xinput1_3.dll file
  3. here's the key point: rename the xinput1_3.dll in xinput1_4.dll
  4. copy x360ce_x64.exe and xinput1_4.dll in the folder where you have the rpcs3 exe.
  5. plug your custom controllers, launch x360ce_x64 and configure the buttons. This will create a x360ce.ini
  6. close x360ce_x64 (it's just to help you create the correct ini file). Launch rpcs3 and enjoy your fighting game with your friends !
Tested on win10.