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Full Version: Backbreaker Vengeance [NPEB00592]
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Tested on recent master build v0.0.2-cfbfdd7b (PR #2913). Hangs in menus.


Was able to get in-game but it always locks up after a couple minutes or so.

Recompiler SPU
load liblv2 only
enable Write color buffers to fix gfx errors


Same experience as RPs3 on some of the unofficial builds around. Note using load liblv2 only causes a white screen on the official, nightly builds with this game.
Missing log
Since it's not on master, then irrelevant for now


Same results as stated before. Gets ingame for a couple minutes then freezes. Logs on both Vulkan and OGL. It is a non-master build.
Needs waiting for lle-gcm to be merged then.



Yep, need 'color buffers' for correct rendering. Game crashes after a min or two. Full speed for me. Fix the instability and this game is near perfect!
going to bump so this can be moved to in-game in compat list
Broken. Crash as soon as the game starts on latest builds.

F {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x0184a414]} MEM: Access violation writing location 0x0

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