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Full Version: creating iso orignal file not match attach pic
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hi. plz reply..i m facing problms one by one ,...

im attach the pic /

only 17 files are invalid/

how to enable encryption.as u can see the problm in pic..plz help .or tell me how to change ird file .i have ird file 100% ok downloadee from net....thnx w8 for yur help
Are you ripping the game from a disc?
If so you have to rip the disc to an ISO with other software.

Or did you directly copy the game from a PS3 via FTP / External Storage and want to repack it to generate an IRD file for uploading into the IRD database?

Missing information, what's the Game ID of your disc?


Thnx for reply ...game id is BCUS 98164 ird file is match with game id and verion..
Ird file is dow├▒loaded from site which is recomended by rpcs3quick.how can i change ird ..or can we extract ird file from game...or how to make ird file..in this pic which file is must to ok..4 rpcs3 plz help...
I don't understand what you're trying to do with the ird file.
Follow the quickstart instructions to rip the game, you have to patch the game with ird after ripping it from the disc, you can't extract ird from encrypted games and you don't have to since you already have one.