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Full Version: Demon's Souls - Required PC Specs?
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I booted up Demon's Souls and I'm only getting about 15 FPS once the game starts.

Windows 10 Pro
i5-2500k, quad core at 3.6GHz
AMD R9 390

In Core Settings I have PPU set to Interpreter (fast), SPU set to Recompiler (ASMJIT) and Library Loading Mode set to liblv2 only

In Graphics Settings I have OpenGL, 16x9, 1280x720, Frame Limit off, D3D adapter set to the R9 390 and Write Color Buffers turned on (for the black screen issue, though the FPS is 15 with or without this).

Do I not have a good enough PC to run this or is it something else?

Firelink Bonfire

(04-27-2017, 11:29 PM)ScottyDoesKnow Wrote: [ -> ]In Core Settings I have PPU set to Interpreter (fast),
You should try LLVM recompiler. It gives the best perfomance.

Also, if you'll have any issues with random freezes in this mode, please report here.


Thanks for the tip, but still getting 10 to 15 FPS. I think I saw it drop to 3 for a second. Currently using ~92% on all cores and only like 10% or something on the GPU, so it seems like it's not a PC performance issue but something else.

Edit: graphics card use goes up to like 30% max, CPU uses 80-92%
Seems about right for i5-2500k. For example the video on our youtube channel where it ran a bit faster was with a mix of i7-6700k and a 6 core i7-5930k