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Full Version: Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky [NPUB31428]
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A pretty lot of nothing.
Retest, should be ingame now.

Moving to ingame.
Missing gathering points have been fixed now. Someone retest this version and attach log file so thread can be moved.
While the gathering effect is fixed, I disagree with the idea of considering it playable. Persona 5 for exemple, I can hold around 13 fps in crowded areas, but this game, drops to 8 fps in Upland Forest, Inside the ruins; 6 fps in Abandoned River, River Gorge. And, Persona 5 skip frames, but Escha turn into slow motion.
Speed is not an issue here, you forgot to turn off write color buffers or strict rendering mode, or something else.

Again, someone provide a log file for this one so it can be moved to playable.
Besides Demon's Souls, I don't even know which games require this options . But yeah, this is playable, not for my taste, but is.
Still no log file posted...



access violation

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