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Full Version: Hide cursor in fullscreen and add custom resolution - possible?
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Firelink Bonfire

Hi, i have several submissions for RPCS3 functional.
The first is, the mouse cursor that always visible even if I use gamepad controller.
I want to hide it, in fullscreen mode - of course.

The second submission is about screen resolution that supported by RPCS3. PS3 support 1280x720 pixels for output. That's 16:9 resolution. And my hardware is: 1600x900 pixels.
Well, any chances that emulator will render picture at 1600x900, at least?
To hide the mouse cursor just move it into the lower right corner.

You can resize the game window to whatever size you like. The internal resolution will remain though (for now).

Firelink Bonfire

Hiding cursor in fullscreen feature was added Hide cursor in GSFrame!