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Full Version: Red Dead Redemption
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Hello PC masterrace ,
Im rather new to the PC masterrace but already love it Big Grin !
I`d like to emulate Red Dead Redemption on my PC using RPCS3 but it doesn`t work .
It`s not like my PC`s too weak ( GTX 970 , i7 4770k , 16gb ram ) but it doesnt run .
It says :
"draw calls: 1025
draw call setup: 121992us
vertex upload time : 11046us
textures upload time : 4855us
draw call execution: 30930us "
My config :
PPU Decoder Interpreter(fast) SPU Decoder Recompiler (ASMJIT)
libresc.prx librtc.prx libspurs_jq.prx libsre.prx
Graphics : Render:OpenGL Resolutio:1280x720 D3D Adapter: GeForceGTX970 Aspect Radio:16:9 Frame limit:Off
That`s it , thanks for reading , I`d be glad if someone could help me , thanks again .
Sincerly ,
glad member of the masterrace Big Grin
Read this: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=171465

Attach the full log file rpcs3.log by putting it in a .zip and attaching it here on the forums.
(Red Dead Redemption is still far from being playable on RPCS3 though so expect only to get a few intros and broken ingame before it crashes)