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Full Version: Dante's Inferno
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Hi, I'm pretty new to this forum and rpcs3 and just want to ask if I can play this game somehow. I'm able to run the game but it's loading forever. Btw I can play with super street fighter 2 without problems and so far this is the only game I tried. I installed the latest firmware and downloaded the games from **REDACTED**
My specs: i5 3470 8gb ddr3 gtx970
Thank you Smile
Piracy is not allowed here.
I have redacted the website and issued you a warning.


Oh sorry for that. But I'm still looking for answer Smile
Read this: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=171465

Attach the full log file rpcs3.log by putting it in a .zip and attaching it here on the forums.