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Full Version: Army of TWO [BLES00168]
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RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-1c8cb3b Alpha
Infinite loading.
Now goes ingame.
RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-7702eb2

Video cutscenes and game largely run at full speed 30fps. Bloom bug make it not playable, occurs in vulkan/opengl.

Bugged bloom goes away with write color buffers but crashes a few seconds into ingame.


Completed the campaign from the beginning to the end, very playable.
Overexposed glitch still present, reloading a checkpoint mitigates it for a short while so it has something to do with assets loading or processing.
Occasional soft lock when trying to shop inbetween missions. Try to avoid this option whenever possible.
Had two soft freezes when loading the second level. Used "load from last checkpoint" option to get around it.
Sound and voiceovers breaking up when in congested areas.
build 0.0.9-9890