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Full Version: Demon's Souls Black screen in game
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Maybe someone help me. First launch was worked.. Later its become black.
Like this
[Image: DrlO3jBIvJzxRA.png]
I was change some settings. But later, return all settings .. But black screen still exist.
P.s. I can hear sounds, but game behind this black.

Fixed. Just start game as NEW. (Not load).
Happens at random. Restart the game and have write color buffers on.


Thank you, Shadow. I'll try this later. I'll boot the game a lot of times, hoping for the best.


So did it work? I have this same issue and I tried turning write color buffers on and now it keeps getting stuck in the loading menu...
Keep restarting. It can also randomly hang on loading screens. And loading some areas seem to hang more often than others. For example I always get into the tutorial but The Nexus only works maybe 1/4 times... Some more work is needed on RPCS3 :p


"write color buffers on" did the trick for me. It runs surprisingly well on my Lenovo Y50 laptop! (15 - 20 fps). Unbelievable.

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