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Full Version: Demons Souls starts but theres a graphical bug
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So, as soon as I heard about Demons' Souls running I needed to give it a try (even if its too early to get great perfomance). And I downloaded the Emulator (latest build, rpcs3-v0.0.2-2017-03-12-b70a1edb).

The games starts normally. But as soon as I got to character creation screen this is how the graphics looks like:

And ingame it is complete darkness....


I'm not worrying much for I know that the emulator is in a early stage, even so for Demons Souls. But maybe it's an error that can even happen later. I'm using HD5770 as my GPU, maybe thats the problem, but I cant know since I'm no use on computer matters.

I've linked my rpcs3 log (I think) within the topic.
Please try again with the Write Color Buffers option enabled


Well, thanks! But its not working, I suppose; at least not in the menus, because in the character creation the same problem persists, and a new one has appeared: because when the loading to enter in the game world finishes, the game freezes, the FPS freezes, everything just become ice. I'm not worried, anyways. Maybe later I'll be able to run this properly!
Even in the latest build as of today? Some people are reporting it is working, but it may need a few fixes if it doesn't


Yes maam, I'm using the latest version. Well, I'll hope for the best. I'll pray.


I have the same problem Sad
Turn write color buffers on and use OpenGL. Restart the game util it works.