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Full Version: Need help for beginer :D
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Hi everyone, greetings, im new here in Rpcs3.

ive just installed it about 3 days ago, and cant play the game yet. I dont quite understand about log etc, so i need some help from you people who are more expert than i am hehe ^_^.
The game im trying to play is :
1. Disgaea 3
2. Disgaea 4

my pc Spec are :
1. Intel core i3-2100 CPU @3.10 GHz with windows x64 bit
2. GeForce GT 730 Graphics card
3. 12 GB RAM ( 8 + 4 )

Ive tried to download and follow all the step carefully to make sure i can play my rpcs3, but it i cant seems to play it with all the guide from youtube.
Im going to attach the SS of my problems and .txt of the log from the game.
Hopefully someone can help me ^^ .
thanks before Big Grin

You have incorrectly installed PS3 firmware.
Remove the contents off dev_flash folder and follow https://rpcs3.net/quickstart to install it. Always use the official guide and not outdated ones from youtube.


Thank you Very Much Annie, you're a great help Big Grin
I can finally play the disgaea even though is a bit lag XD

uhmm but my disgaea 4 seems having a bit problem and im going to attach the log again ....
once again sorry to disturbing u Sad im really new in this kind of things

Read this: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=171465

Attach the full log file rpcs3.log by putting it in a .zip and attaching it here on the forums.


Sory sshadow Annie... its seems that the problems r within my pc not the log XD ive tried to w8 a lil longer than before and it works, its just that the game is working very slow cuz of my
low quality Graphics card and proccessor it seems XD
Anyway, Thanks for ur kind reply and guidance for a newbie like me Smile im very grateful