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Full Version: Tales of Graces f [BLES01617]
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Hello Smile

Maybe someone can help me getting rid of these sky flickering in ToG.


It flickers ( Is this an english word? Sorry german guy here^^)  pretty fast, but only the sky, everything else works great.

i already tried Vulkan, OpenGL,  strict rendering, no upscaling... But i just can't find a solution :/

Thanks in advance Smile
actuallly i still randomly freeze even without resolution scaling, i just dont understand why the log does not say anything conclusive. it is like the log stops outputting that moment. 

i'm not sure why but resolution scaling still sometimes softlocks my rpcs3 screen, i have been trying to isolate the problem from my logs but they do not say anything usefull, and even with resolution scale at 200% to 400%  the freeze happens very randomly. sometimes hours in and sometimes 10 minutes in. same with all tales games. should not be my pc since 8700k and gtx 1080 ti. . very playable still tho with no scaling and even with scaling the freezes are very random.  have 147 hours in graces.-
Current commit: 2aa5c437
Requires "Vblank rate" to be changed in order to be Playable

Moving back to Ingame until this issue is solved
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