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Full Version: Soul Calibur V [BLUS30736]
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RPCS3 v0.0.3-5578-1a44e447

Game mostly runs full speed now.

Regardless of casing, the proper spelling is 'Soulcalibur'.
Moving to Ingame, textures still glitched.


There's an issue with saving the game. Created characters are saved properly, but player level remains unchanged and the game doesn't save unlocked words from quick play, xp stays at 0/600, also the game doesn't register any changes made to characters after you get any xp.
updated log, game still same

Ingame with slow speed and some graphical glitches.
Vulkan works faster and looks mostly fine except for the characters. OpenGL also has broken shadows, which cause most of the environment to go dark.

Build: 0.0.3-83e139cd

All settings at default values.
Enabling "Write Color Buffers" fixes the blackness in the menus (see attached comparison screenshots). It could also possibly fix the characters ingame, however the emulator experiences what looks like an infinite loop caused by a memory leak during stage load with this option turned on.

Build: 0.0.3-81b3e7e4
please help after install dlc the game cannot play and display error and black screen
Game is mostly playable, but all character clothing is white.
White colors are gone in current build (0.0.5-7153) but only if you enable Write Color Buffers in Graphic options.
Otherwise characters are still white, are missing limbs, and background  has graphical delay filling in the textures.

Game works fine in-game with no audio stuttering and runs around 40~55fps on an i7-7700 with a gtx 1080.
Cutscenes do have audio glitches though (even more than in SC4) and are very choppy. 
Beside the cutscenes game seems to work fine.
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