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Full Version: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Sui [BLJM61255]
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Running mostly fine on 65104b5 (most recent master build from 2017/02/17)

PPU: Interpreter (fast)
SPU: Interpreter (fast)
Video: OpenGL (no options checked)

Libraries used:

(text mostly copied from a previous post because the master build shows the exact same results as the WIP build I used earlier)
The precise PPU Interpreter doesn't result in anything different than using the fast one, so I stayed with the fast one.
Music is only working when using the fast SPU Interpreter. Using the precise Interpreter or the Recompiler results in no music but everything else still working.

Videos play very slowly, constantly stopping and resuming, but might run perfectly on high-end machines since there doesn't seem to be a problem while playing them.
In-Game constantly at 60fps, even when skipping through the game quickly.

DirectX crashes randomly (Console says F without actually putting out an error message and pressing the Stop button crashes rpcs3).
Vulkan can't display a lot of graphics in-game, but seems to be working fine otherwise.

The game seems to constantly replace random parts of textures with what seems like a screenshot of the game itself. This can even happen to text, where a symbol can be replayed in the same way sprites and parts of backgrounds can be.

Making a save and loading it directly afterwards will remove all glitches which were on screen at the time of saving (maybe the game reloads all textures).
Loading from the same spot under the same conditions will always result in the exact same textures being glitched out, so it seems to happen in a regular interval.

I have further uploaded a video to show that the game seems to be fully functional and to show the graphical glitches.

Really impressed by the emulator by the way, you guys are doing some amazing work here. Blush
Thanks for creating a new thread, added to compatibility list!


Is there any way to fix issue shown bellow?


I'm talking about randomly replaced parts of the screen with what appears to be small scaled images with previous backgrounds. Saving game and loading returns it back to normal until it happens again after 1-2 mins. This is the only issue with this game, everything else works perfectly fine.


I reversed compression algo and made a mod which removes logo in the main text window. Before:

[Image: cJYMe6Pl.png]


[Image: pIaDBajl.png]

xdelta3 patch is in attachment. Don't forget to remove cache from 'dev_hdd1/cache/BLJM61255' or you won't see any changes.
(05-05-2017, 03:57 PM)RikuKH3 Wrote: [ -> ]I reversed compression algo and made a mod which removes logo in the main text window. Before:

[Image: cJYMe6Pl.png]


[Image: pIaDBajl.png]

xdelta3 patch is in attachment. Don't forget to remove cache from 'dev_hdd1/cache/BLJM61255' or you won't see any changes.

Hmm, I don t see your attachment anywhere though? Can you reupload it plz if you can, Thanks.
I am loading only required libraries and besides the opening video flickering red 4-5 times a second, the game seems to run smoothly. I haven't seen any Japanese characters glitch out in the text box like OP and others have reported; however, I am getting black bars that show up on every other background and appear behind the text box and sprites (see first image), as well as on occasion black splotches partially or entirely covering up some sprites (see second image).

[Image: mHzs1so][Image: zr8qA7E]

 Does anybody know how to fix these two issues, or if not, how one would go about trying to fixing them?
Played around with some settings, and checking "Write Color Buffers" in GPU tab seems to fix the two issues of black bars appearing and black splotches replacing sprites, though the opening video still flickers red with crackling in the song's audio.

Loading a chapter using the in-game menu, either through a save or the scenario chart, causes the black bars and splotches to appear, though they seem to go away after a minute or two of playing.

Videos played through the gallery don't show any flickering, though the audio still crackles.

Overall, the game plays free from graphical glitches (for the most part - may need to restart if you want to load a save/chapter and don't want to see any glitches), aside from videos.

The audio does stutter fairly frequently, especially when characters start speaking. It's not a huge deal, but it'd be nice if there were a simple menu option to fix this. Not sure if this is related, but these exact three lines appear in the log every time a sound (voice line, song, etc.) starts playing:

U {PPU[0x10000d2] Thread (StreamSound) [0x00257d80]} sys_spu TODO: Unimplemented SPU Thread options (0x2)
U {PPU[0x10000d2] Thread (StreamSound) [0x0025de58]} sys_prx TODO: _sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name(name=“cellLibprof”, flags=0, pOpt=*0x0)
E {PPU[0x10000d2] Thread (StreamSound) [0x0025de58]} 'sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name' failed with 0x8001112e : CELL_PRX_ERROR_UNKNOWN_MODULE [1]