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Full Version: Hyperdimension Neptunia [BLUS30701]
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((Test on RPCS3 LLVM-aef5113d))

Interpreter(fast) & Interpreter(ASMJIT)
Better in OpenGL
Movie : Work
Graphic : Problem in Graphic in game
Music : Work
SaveGame : Work
LoadGame : Work

The Log File:-
BLUS30701 - [Hyperdimension Neptunia] - File

CPU:- Intel I7-6800K @ 3.40 GHz (OverClock 4.5 GHz)
GPU:- GTX 1080
Motherboards:- ASUS X-99A-II
RAM:- 32.0 GB (2666 MHz)

Goes ingame but after visual novel dialogue, it goes black screen in battle has sound though.


(02-16-2017, 09:55 PM)digitaldude Wrote: [ -> ]rpcs3-v0.0.1-2017-02-16-ce1738cf_win64

Goes ingame but after visual novel dialogue, it goes black screen in battle has sound though.

I found out that it is rendering but at 4x4 pixels!
so only if you can expand this to be at native res.
[Image: lTCQzVS.png]
[Image: 4UmKCMI.png]
(extended repost from EmuNewz Forum)
How did you make it to give any visual output?

- Running: rpcs3-v0.0.3-2017-08-19-33d3303b_win64
- System specs: Win 8.1 x64, i5-4590 @ 3.3 GHz, 16 GB, GTX960
- Renderer: OpenGL (did not try out Vulkan atm, need to install Vulkan drivers first)
- Sound: XAudio2
- Firmware: 4.81 OFW
- Used Interpreter and Recompiler for both PPU and SPU, no differences, except for FPS (screenshot taken with Recompiler)
- Automatic GPU settings: +InvalidateCacheEveryFrame +UseGPUTextureScaling (these both were automatically set without my intervention)
- full sound plays during intros and on titlescreen (despite nothing is displayed at all), input on controller is recognized too

[Image: 6mD2v8B.png]
try this configuration, and see what you think

- PPU decoder = recompiler(llvm)
- SPU decoder = recompiler(ASJIT)
- preferred spu threads = auto
- additional; settings
- bind SPU threads to secondary cores = true
- lower spu thread priority = false
- enable SPU loop detection = true
- Hook static functions = true
firmware settings = load automatic and manual selection
firmware libraries =all selected

- renderer =D3D12 (works fine for me)
- graphics device = you main device(for me R7 graphics)
- additional settings
- write colour buffers = true
- use GPU texture scaling
- strict rendering mode = false
- Vsync = false
- stretch to display = false
- aspect ratio = 16:9
- frame limit = 30
-anisotropic filter = auto
default resolution = recommended
resolution scale = defaults

- audio out = Xaudio2
- audio settings = all false

keyboard = basic
mouse = basic
camera input = unknown
camera settings = null
(Xinput works for me)

language = US
homebrew = false

emulator view port = 1280 x 720(recommended setting from before)

i am running:
AMD A10-7800 radeon r7, 12 compute cores 4c+8g(4 cpus), ~3.5ghz
12gb RAM
windows 10 insider preview(fast ring) x64 bit

i am still testing configurations to see how far i get, this config has the smoothest and most stability out of the ones i have used so far and runs the game up until the first fight scene where the screen appears to render weirdly, i may try using opengl instead of d3d12.
i have managed to get it to go in to the first dungeon and it is playable, just the graphics are horrible
here what im running configuration, with the latest official ps3 firmware
i can run the game in vulkan as well but the graphics are a little worse.
is there a fix for it, like do i need a graphics card because at the moment im running an amd a10-7800 3.5ghz apu
with 12gb of ram and latest drivers on windows 10 64-bit insider(fast ring build)
I'd call this playable.

[Image: KWchrrG.jpg]
build name and log please.
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6279-f271b650

Has some stutter while it builds shaders, but works fine after that. Does spam a cellNetCtlGetInfo call though, not sure what that's about.
Did anyone manage to run with upscale texture? i try some graphic setting but always got black dots everytime except dialog, skill, and main menu
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