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Full Version: Smash Cars [NPUB30097]
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RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-669d953 Alpha

Vulkan needs write colorbuffers and strict rendering mode to display the menus. OpenGL does not need this however they both display menus with an incorrect aspect ratio.
[Image: d41886ba2d.jpg]
Enable Invalidate Cache Every Frame or the shadows will be broken.
[Image: 4d08e1b02c.jpg]
[Image: d099062e84.jpg]
The game freezes while audio is playing but there is no fatal error, this usually happens after 1-2 minutes the log i provided was from the run with the freeze.
RPCS3 v0.0.5-7227-56d553f10 Alpha
Still not playable, needs more performance.

This is definitely NOT playable. I get 13-20fps on the 2nd race and 35-60 on the first race and it's only a time-trial that takes 2mins to complete. And even then, audio completely breaks on the third lap. If I'm getting 13-20fps on a much faster CPU (R7 1700 @3.9GHz) then I can't imagine how bad it is for other people. This is why you need to play games more than 2minutes before saying they are playable. You can check my footage below https://streamable.com/bijyq This is with PPU+SPU LLVM and mostly defaults. Some of the car sounds aren't even working either, and the game crashes randomly if you leave it running for awhile too.

Moving back to ingame

I have better performance, accurate xfloat for sound.
We did a lot of testing, and 1 spu thread is far better than auto for me. But even then audio was breaking, with xfloat on or off or audio buffering on or off. It's still not playable, but its not as bad as what I posted above.