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Full Version: Devil May Cry HD Collection [NPUB30988]
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Show First Logos after screen is black and have 60 FPS


Convert to 16 bit: false
Dump to file: false
Renderer: XAudio2

Hook static functions: false
Load liblv2.sprx only: false

Load libraries:
- libadec.prx
- libdmux.prx
- libgem.prx
- libpamf.prx
- libresc.prx
- librtc.prx
- libsail.prx
- libspurs_jq.prx
- libsre.prx
- libvdec.prx
- libvpost.prx

PPU Decoder: Interpreter (fast)
SPU Decoder: Recompiler (ASMJIT)
RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-9440e65 Alpha
Intel® Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz | 4 Threads | 7.97 GiB RAM | AVX | TSX
Goes Ingame
DMC 3 freezes seemingly randomly. DMC 1 appears to be playable but has minor graphical glitches. 

[Image: fsuAQjU.jpg][Image: IOmdOwE.jpg][Image: 7Okbdpx.jpg]
RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-8e66e71 Alpha | HEAD    0.0.3-6266
Intel® Core™ i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz | 12 Threads | 11.92 GiB RAM | AVX

playable 50~60 fps
DMC 3 still freezes for me randomly. Especially on level transitions.
Tested game in Build 0.0.5-7259.

Any Devil May Cry don't load.


OS: Windows 7 x64 Home Basic
Nvidia GeForce 750 1GB (With latest drivers)
4GB Ram
Core i5-2310
I'm using a different ID and a newer build of RPCS3 but it's working fine for me.