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Full Version: Armored Core: For Answer [BLES00370]
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Game now goes to intro. Doesn't respond to any inputs after this.

[Image: sinnoz.png]

*Now with log
Moving to intro
Please report compatibility for your game ID then, this thread is for the European disc.
Don't forget to follow the guidelines when submitting compatibility.

This game is marked as Intro, so that's expected behavior for now. You need to wait for updates.


Now goes ingame....kind of:
after the tutorial/duel starts you fell of forever and ever and ever...
Please give me some floor Big Grin

Tested with 31ec0053.
Everything default (with DS4 input).
Does the same if you install the game or not, and also with a split-screen duel.

Also, the audio glitch is only on the recording...damn...
RPCS3 v0.0.5-6648-ea82b732a Alpha
Still has the same issue interpreters and what not don't help you still fall through the earth.

Still not playable, but HUGE improvement!
You can do some missions (can't get over the second "mission clear" prompt), some texture bugs, but really improved!

Tested with v0.0.7-8658-fa203408.
LLVM  Recompiler on PPU & SPU
Load liblv2.sprx only
60 fps for menuing
OpenGL (pretty same as Vulkan)