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Full Version: James Bond 007 Blood Stone [BLES01017]
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RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-cde29ab Alpha


Broken graphics but goes ingame.
RPCS3 0.0.5-7281
Loadable. Just a black screen for me, both with Vulkan and OpenGL. Logs are attached.

This is my first post here, please let me know if I did something wrong or more information is necessary.

EDIT: changed from Nothing to Loadable as I misunderstood the two at first.
On version 0.0.6-8273, this game starts with "loading precompiled shaders from disk..." then goes to a black screen in a split second. This is what it looks like before the black screen:

[Image: 5ikBdcv.jpg]

I've also attached RPCS3.log.gz. I don't believe this game should be counted as "ingame", assuming this issue happens to other people.
I apologize for the double post, but I believe this game should be classified under "Loadable" instead of "In-game" based on the information in previous posts.

I'm running RPCS3 0.0.6-8392-a2684151 Alpha on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. This was the latest master version at the time of testing. I am also using the latest PS3 firmware from Sony's website, which was linked in the quickstart guide on rpcs3.net.
I've tried running the game in both Vulkan and OpenGL. Vulkan hangs during the "compiling shaders" screen, and OpenGL gets stuck at a black screen slightly after that. The log file I'm providing here is from my OpenGL test since it goes a little further than Vulkan did. The only thing visible on the screen is the "Loading precompiled shaders from disk..." screenshot I linked in my previous post. After that, the game hangs at a black screen. This issue has happened since at least September of 2018, which was reported in the post before mine.
I can confirm on earlier versions of RPCS3 that this game is in Playable state. However I've played again on the latest version using RPCS3 Version: 0.0.23-13873-cd0d4338 Alpha | master. I've played so far 5 hours worth over the last few months and works well. However there are some bugs such as 

  • Sometimes screen glitches with white screen
  • Cutscenes does go black sometimes which requires restarting
  • The voiceovers in the cutscenes does on occasion go silent but then goes back to normal after the next dialogue. 
Gameplay and cutscenes are fine besides some glitches.

Here's some screenshots of my test.




I've attached my configurations which may or may not help. 

CPU Tab Config: 

PPU Decoder: Recompiler (LLVM)
SPU Decoder: Recompiler (LLVM)
SPU XFloat Accuracy: Accurate XFloat

GPU Tab Config: 

Renderer: Vulkan
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Framelimit: 60
Anisotropic Filter: Auto
Anti-Aliasing: Auto
ZCULL Accuracy: Precise (Slowest)

Resolution Settings: All of them Default
Upscaling: Default

Shader Mode: Async (multi-threaded)

Number of Shader Compiler Threads: Auto

Additional Settings:
  • Write Color Buffers
  • Strict Rendering Mode
  • Multithreaded RSX
  • Asynchronous Texture Streaming

I've attached the log as well. 

I hope this works for you if you've not been able to play it yet. I know there's a few YT'bers that've already been playing it on their channel but figured this is still showing as 'In Game' it should be updated to Playable.
You've listed game-breaking bugs, as such, this can't be moved into Playable
Hey Ani, thanks for the reply. My apologies, I thought it would be reasonable enough for it to be in Playable state. I'll leave it be then.