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Full Version: My RPCS3 is slow
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Why is that no one is having this problem like when I search in google, nothing comes up that is useful to me? So I decided that I should make a thread of my own.

What's the problem guys, my rpcs is slow? When I play Metal Slug 3, it becomes fast in the menu screen but when I play the arcade it suddenly becomes slow. When I play Project Diva F2nd it only reaches 20-30 fps and sometimes I get past the intro but stuck at the black screen at the main menu and the only way that I could get it to work is with 2 precises (both PPU and SPU) and that it only works with OpenGL(I tried to use it with D3D12/DX12 and Vulkan but it doesn't work and it only makes it the emulator go not responding).

Could someone please tell me what's wrong?
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You may have downloaded an experimental commit because Appveyor can be confusing... Try this: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/rpcs3/rp...0.0.1-3686