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Full Version: Yakuza Ishin - Demo [NPJB90690]
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Well, I decided to title this thread like that, even though the game's name isn't exactly "Yakuza Ishin!". Since it didn't come to west it is "Ry? ga Gotoku Ishin!" or "???? ??" if you prefer.

White render window. Options doesn't matter.

Version: 1c14d87

Looking at the log it definitely needs libfiber.
Yea... changes nothing.

Version: 11e2965

LLE: Sre + Spurs_jq + Fiber
build: b396826 - https://ci.appveyor.com/project/rpcs3/rp.../artifacts (got it with the !latest command)

new status: ingame

very slow (this was not LLVM and I have a FX-6200, so it's normal I guess), graphics are fine, no glitches

Options: Vulkan, Automatic LLE, PPU fast, SPU ASMJIT, 16:9 480p, Lower SPU thread priority, Enable SPU loop detection

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/I7Fph

!!! Game crashed after the minimap appeared !!!

(I will retest it later with other options)
Moving to ingame.
No longer renders game graphics - black screen + UI only.

edit: works again