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Full Version: My big config don't support game.. ?!
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Hello guys,

I'm a French user. I have the last version alpha of rPCS3.
My config is it :
- Core i5 3570k @ 3,80 GHz
- 16 Go DDR3
- GTX 960 4 Go GDDR5
- Windows 7 64 bits
- 2 SSD Intel 240 Go

I have only test with Red Dead Redemption, it's my favourite game.
I have test multi checkbox's option for PPU & SPU, and there is always the same errors Sad

Have U an idea to help on this error ? Thx U !

Log output redacted
Please post your log file as an attachment. You'll need to compress it to a .zip file so the forum accepts it as an attachment.
All of your log posted as text breaks the characters limit for a post and makes the page too big to scroll.