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Full Version: Will RPCS3 include transferring(save files)?
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Asking if the Emu will include transferring save files, shown in MGS Peace Walker HD and in MGS2&3, PS3 to PSP and PS3 to PSVita and vise versa.

I just really want to play Peace Walker in its Full HD form, whilest transferring my save file. (even if it isn't still playable, i just want to know Big Grin)
So rpcs3 can already load real ps3 save files from real hardware. Then there is this game that requires a PSP save to run if I understand things correctly, and people got it working by just placing the right file in the right folder.

So I don't know how MGS works exactly but I wouldn't be surprised if it already is working. (Well, not that MGS actually runs, but you get what I mean).
RPCS3 doesn't implement savedata encryption so you may be required to decrypt some files manually. No idea whether it's a real issue or not.