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Full Version: Guitar Hero Live [BLES02180] + Logs
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First off, Hello everyone! Great to see the Emulator is approaching the Alpha stages, Huge leaps and bounds have been made since my last visit and it's now looking more promising than ever!

Right. I am an avid GH player and would love to play this on pc. Sadly it it not even loadable at this time.

I have enclosed a log below of running the game just once, and though I have tried some modules, I do not think this is something that can be HLE/LLE emulated.

Try add sys_libc and remove libsysutil that might nob be llevelable yet
Do not LLE libsysmodule or sys_libc.

In general the list of modules below works with every game that needs them, and almost every game needs at least a few of them. Try exactly these and post the log again.

- libdmuxpamf.prx
- libfont.prx
- libfontFT.prx
- libfreetype.prx
- libfreetypeTT.prx
- libpamf.prx
- libresc.prx
- libsail.prx
- libspurs_jq.prx
- libsre.prx

- librtc.prx

And from a closer look at the log you can also try adding libvdec and maybe cellAudio.
Start with libsre, libresc, libspurs_jq and librtc.
Then post the log please. If it still shows unimplemented on sys_libc press Resume and see what happens. Don't LLE libsysmodule.