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Full Version: RPCS3 v0.0.1-5-7f3cb4d : Tales of Berseria black screen on booting
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Tales of Berseria installs, then shows fluctuating FPS on first install, with a black screen
On subsequent boots nothing happens.

https://postimg.org/image/95onm4k95/ < install data
https://postimg.org/image/t1fbvu6x5/ < second boot, 0 fps, black screen

error log:
*console spam redacted*
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I have moved the topic to CG - General Discussion until the submission guidelines are fulfilled.
I have also redacted the console spam as that's not the log. The log file is RPCS3.log, which you can upload as an attachment after you compress it to a .zip .rar or .7z file.
Start by loading libraries libsre, libspurs_jq, libresc and librtc.