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Full Version: Post on playable state of BLJS10256 not appearing
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I've read the condition from posting guidelines. Completed the game, did screenshots, posted the only error (C1008) which doesn't hinder game completion. There are even numerous video on youtube on that. I was confident it would play, bought a disc for it, tried different build until 2-3 versions which were linked and posted in Feb 2016 worked and stopped.

The latest build didn't work, so I don't know why my posting is deleted. So what exactly is playable?
There aren't any posts awaiting moderation, and I didn't see any posts from you on the moderation queue recently, try submitting again.
Your posts shouldn't require a moderator's approval anymore, so you should be able to straight up post it.


Does it matter if I play one stage from the game and submit the rpcs3.log based on that? I posted both rpcs.log for the game and it's sequel BLJS10299 in the process overwrote the original file of BLJS10256 which contained the entire log of the game from stage 1 - 60. Now I am in new game+ stage 3, will that still be useful?
Yeah, one stage should be good to see what's slowing the game down.
Don't forget to zip the log as .log files aren't accepted as attachments.