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Full Version: Sword Art Online -Lost song- [BLAS50790]
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That comment was for another user, just follow the Quickstart guide. Nevertheless, this game won't work
Will work when LLE GCM is enabled. For now doesn't work on master builds.


Ingame now, some glitches. Opengl libraries on auto. Interpreter PPU and SPU
Using this build
-Relocation awareness
Still not moving to ingame as that's not a master build



Goes ingame now, but movies are very choppy, and 3D graphics are broken on OpenGL and very broken on Vulkan. Otherwise runs fine.

Again, not Ingame yet as that's not a master build


(07-28-2017, 05:07 PM)Annie Wrote: [ -> ]Again, not Ingame yet as that's not a master build

Perhaps you can tell us then what you believe to be a master build? It was obtained from here: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/rpcs3/rp...0.0.3-5492 It's marked as 'master'.
That's a pull request to master, not a master build. Only when the pull request is merged will the last build made by that pull request made master.
All master builds are on https://rpcs3.net/builds


Ah, thanks. Here's a new log on rpcs3-v0.0.3-2017-08-01-b3968261_win64. Status is the same as in my earlier post.
wow now i can play SAO in emulate program=)) sound is ok but the video is too ??? just don't know how to say, so in the future this emulator possiblely peferfect ^^
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