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Full Version: Mini Ninjas [BLUS30284]
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40-70 fps...with..interest Error (Dialog) (see SS)
I found in RSX Debugger strange and bad (picture?) ~_o (see SS)
LOG: http://pastebin.com/isus3VZX


It shows a grey screen, but tosses out a Stack Overflow error almost immediately.

I'm not entirely sure what modules to use, so if somebody could help me in that area, that would be great.
modules that sgould be always on: rtc, spurs_jq, sre, fiber, sail, libresc, also jpegdec, pngdec. if other are requred, error will inform you.

It's loadable now.


Goes ingame on latest builds:


Please move to respective thread.
Playable as of the test here: https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-198518.html
It's Perfect playable!! and stunning graphics

i5 3470
Geforce 1050ti 4gb
8gb hyperx 1600
Hdd 500GB