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Full Version: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Dreamy Theater [NPJB00047]
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This 1st Dreamy Theater game is the same as 2nd (same vertex error, can boot with Null renderer.)



Game can now reach menu as of https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/commit/86...e5e05a51bd

[Image: LTAHxP1.png]

But game won't progress further since it would need connected PSP emulation for savegame importing (without that game won't work)

Can a mod move this to intro?
Game Full Playable now thanks to the game patch which alows you to sing in without connecting a PSP

Must have a save data to access the song list: 

Copy and paste the System.dat file in your own game save

Optional: English Patch

Copy and paste the files in your game install location
Gonna open an exception for the Playable status here since this is a very peculiar case:
- Patches that skip a mandatory connection to another physical console, such as signing in through a connected PSP console, are allowed to be used for playability reports.
The reason being: even if we get the PSP connection working, it would still require a PSP console to be used (even if it was an emulated one), so it makes sense to just skip these dialogs.

However, the game still needs a decrypted save file to be added manually in order to work. So, this cannot be considered for the Playable status yet.