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Full Version: Stupid question
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The devs have probably already thought of that but, hey, it doesn't hurt to throw the idea on the table: what about PS4s emulation of the PS3?

I don't have a PS4 and don't know about its library, but hasn't Sony released some PS3 games for it, some of which probably work using some kind of emulation layers? If they aren't fully encrypted, and since the PS4 is x86-based, couldn't taking a peek at them at them provide any help in the development of rpcs3?

I'm not saying they could copy-paste code hidden in plain sight or something, "I know it doesn't work that way". I just think that maybe in an "update" from "cell-based PS3" to "x86-based PS4" some titles, and I repeat, maybe, have some files shedding some clues on "how they work on the hardware" that could be "deciphered" by rpcs3's code gurus. Couldn't, for example, a comparison between a shader file for an Unreal-based title on PS4 to the same file on the PC display some interesting differences?


AFAIK there is no such emulation layer for PS3 games; either they'd have to rebuild/rerelease the games for the PS4 (though often they'd do "HD Remasters&quotWink or stream them over the Internet via "PlayStation Now".


Ah, I thought the older God of War's and Uncharted's ran on some kind on emulation layer, but I was mistaken.