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Full Version: RPCS3 for Newcomers
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(11-20-2016, 08:48 PM)Esartar Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, im new. Is there a video guide for this Emulator?

Plenty on youtube, search for rpcs3 guide/setup.


Anyone have an idea of what this is ? If you need a log let me know thanks,
Fatal error
Unhandled Win32 exception 0xC0000005.
Segfault writing location 000000000dc0f040 at 00000000004e1120.
Instruction address: 00000000004e1120.
Function address: 00000000004e10d9 (base+0x4d10d9).
Module name: 'rpcs3.exe'.
Module base: 0000000000010000.
RPCS3 image base: 0000000000010000.
Of course we need a log. Regardless I think you are trying to play a real game, and that is not going to work.
That is not one of the 20 games that work: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=195
And why would you not read the first post of "RPCS3 for Newcomers" before posting in it? Come on...
Please, just add it at the very top of the first post that rpcs3 does not run anything that *you* want to play. None one will read the whole post anyway, and that is the most important piece of information.


Rpcs3 can run mortal kombat vs dc universe ?
(12-24-2016, 06:21 PM)Dark_Raven Wrote: [ -> ]Rpcs3 can run mortal kombat vs dc universe ?



Where can I fin this folders of RPCS3 in Linux:
Right next to the rpcs3 binary.


It's not in /usr/bin Confused
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