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Full Version: Sound Shapes [NPEA00289]
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OpenGL (Does NOT work with DX12, error as seen on issue 1482)
PPU Interpreter 1
SPU Interpreter 1 / SPU Recompiler ASMJit
W/R Buffers ON

LLE Modules:

With SPU Interpreter 1:

With SPU Recompiler ASMJIT:

Logs have a first run with SPU Interpreter 1 and then SPU Recompiler ASMJIT (Yes, I know the emulator should be closed in between tests but the outcome is the same)

Crashes with the error seen at issue #1485 @ https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/issues/1485


Move in Playable

Missing version / log


hey! i did test the game and starts but when says "start" goes to black and freezes.

[Image: b341ea521c010deea375f7455de3e032.png]

if you notice well you can see that it freezes. also in the emu i get this:
"MEM: Access violation reading location 0xa11080"
Why is this thread in playable? No one proved it was working in master build with a log file. Maybe it doesn't actually work ^

Attach log file either way.
It works, no idea what the settings are or if it regressed. Reznoire made a video recently though.


yes annie, for that video is why i tested it, but doenst work to me...


log, with last master build
Game perfectly works with 60 fps, no problem, is playable on master.
i have quited games after open first level, i don't understund why not works for you, post you log ?