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Full Version: Mahjong Fight Club: Zenkoku Taisenban [BLJM60008]
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Tested on recent master build. Shows menus and crashes on loading screen. Often crashes after first intro.

HLE: E {PPU Thread[0x375d] ()[0x00349f20]} cellSaveData: Savedata BLJM60008AUTODATA considered broken
HLE: W {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x00051334]} sys_ppu_thread: sys_ppu_thread_join(thread_id=0x375d, vptr=*0x0)
HLE: W {PPU Thread[0x375d] ()[0x00051804]} sys_ppu_thread: sys_ppu_thread_detach(thread_id=0x375d)
HLE: W {PPU Thread[0x71] (SDSTRDRV_THREAD)[0x00349f60]} cellAtrac: cellAtracAddStreamData(pHandle=*0x12007500, uiAddByte=0x1000)
HLE: S {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x00051334]} Last syscall: 44 (sys_ppu_thread_join)
G: ! {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x00051334]} Registers:
G: E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x00051334]} Exception: Access violation writing location 0x00000000
(in file ..\Utilities\Thread.cpp:1134, in function throw_access_violation)
Ingame. v0.0.4-7854 (5582104) Alpha [2018-02-02]

[Image: NToosHr.png]