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Full Version: PixelJunk Monsters [NPUA80108]
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Tested on recent master build. Stuck on broken menus, game keeps asking PSN connection. Requires libSre, JpgDec and L10n LLE'd.
Tested on modified build v0.0.1-8-60bd2fb. Graphics in menus now fixed, crashes on loading level.
E {rsx::thread} RSX: Unknown/illegal instruction: 0x7f (forced unit 0)
E {rsx::thread} RSX: Bad scale: 4
E {rsx::thread} RSX: Bad scale: 4
F {PPU[0x70000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x0003c724]} struct vm::access_violation thrown: Access violation writing address 0x4

Requires minor hack in cellGame.cpp

fmt::throw_exception("Unimplemented" HERE);

LLE used
- libadec.prx
- libat3dec.prx
- libatrac3plus.prx
- libatxdec.prx
- libl10n.prx
- libpamf.prx
- libresc.prx
- librtc.prx
- libspurs_jq.prx
- libsre.prx
- libgifdec.prx
- libjpgdec.prx
- libpngdec.prx
Tested on recent master build v0.0.1-acd9d6ff (PR #2375). Still crashes on shaders after starting new game, but log seems different
E {rsx::thread} RSX: Unimplemented SIP instruction: CAL
E {rsx::thread} RSX: Failed to compile shader: 0(85) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting ',' or ';' at token "{"

F {rsx::thread} class gl::glsl::link_exception thrown: linkage failed: 'Fragment info
0(85) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting ',' or ';' at token "{"
(0) : error C9000: internal corruption, aborting

LLE used
- libac3dec.sprx
    - libac3dec2.sprx
    - libadec.sprx
    - libapostsrc_mini.sprx
    - libat3dec.sprx
    - libatrac3plus.sprx
    - libatxdec.sprx
    - libdmux.sprx
    - libdmuxpamf.sprx
    - libgifdec.sprx
    - libjpgdec.sprx
    - libl10n.sprx
    - libpamf.sprx
    - libpngdec.sprx
    - libresc.sprx
    - librtc.sprx
    - libsail.sprx
    - libsail_avi.sprx
    - libsail_rec.sprx
    - libsjvtd.sprx
    - libsmvd2.sprx
    - libsmvd4.sprx
    - libspurs_jq.sprx
    - libsre.sprx
Playable now, doesn't crash, saves/loads. Playable FPS.
Still playable, but amazing fps leads to super sped game. Cap FPS to 60 on this game otherwise you will get a super speed hack version.