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Full Version: Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 [NPUB30021]
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John GodGames

Ingame with LLE.Settings are shown on a video below at the end.Great speed up with Recompiler ASMJIT, but it seems to be unstable (heavily slowdown after some minutes of playing)

Tested on https://github.com/vlj/rpcs3/tree/d3d12-wip

Enabled LLE modules:
cellSpursJq_Library v1.1
cellSre_Library v1.1


It looks like the game is using a wrong texture 1 frame out of two leading to the flickering. I don't think it's rsx related, although I don't know what causes this.

Possibly an issue with nv3089 command too but I'm not familiar with them :/


I fixed the shadows with a hack, I should make a proper commit soon.

John GodGames

Game doesn't work on recent master...Invalid mag filter (0x4)
(in file Emu\RSX\D3D12\D3D12Formats.cpp:252, in function `anonymous-namespace'::get_mag_filter)?


It should go ingame with latest master now.

With rsx branch most gfx issues should be fixed.

John GodGames

Almost perfect graphics...still slowdowns and unstability

used: https://github.com/vlj/rpcs3/tree/rsx


when i try to use left r-stick game recognize as "start" button...

anyone with this problem?