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Full Version: PS3 Filesystem Preservation
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Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me determine the best way to preserve the files I have on my PS3 for eventual (five years at least) use in Rpcs3 (or any PS3 emulator). I understand that Rpcs3 is primarily HLE emulation, so I'm curious what files are necessary and how I can back them up. There some things I'd like to understand better before I attempt anything though.

-PS3 Backup Utility (for Game Data/Save Data)
-PS3 Data Transfer Utility (for Game Data/Save Data)
^Which of these is most useful to Rpcs3? Also would this data be suffice for preserving all Installation/DLC/Save Data? Is it encrypted?

-NAND/NOR dumping
^This would dump everything, I'd imagine. I'm currently on OFW 4.75, so I'm not sure how I'd go about installing CFW. If someone could help me on this front, I would be forever grateful!

Thanks so much!