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Full Version: How does this even work?
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I'm having trouble trying to get my computer to read the games in general.
When I insert a PS3 Blu Ray disc into my computer (for example, Sonic Unleashed), the computer pretty much fails the read the disc and afterwards, it spits the disc out by itself.

How can I even convert these games to a friendly format that both my computer and the emulator can be compatible with?


1st: Are you sure you PC has Blu ray drive?
2nd: I'm 99% sure ps3 discs are encrypted s the only they ro "dump" the image is through ps3 with custom firmware.
Yes, you need to dump the disc on a PS3 with CFW and then transfer the unencrypted data, basically just a folder with all the game files. Someone said a long time ago that reading the BD directly might be possible, but I don't think anyone has worked on it.