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Full Version: Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036]
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Shows a blue screen. When looking at it in RSX debugger, it might be the logo for the game.

After about 5-10 seconds blue dots started appearing on the screen, most likely a loading bar. It slowly loaded and after a while it crashed after trying to open a font, which it couldn't even load due to messed up paths and the file not existing in the first place with the proper extension.

Girl Fight Trial [NPEB01036]

Goes ingame. Maybe playable.



Removed fiber message from emu to get it work with LLVM
works slower with Vulkan on master than with OGL
kd-11's Vulkan is fastest
works very very well, all chanses to be playable
Moving to ingame for now. Someone confirm if it is playable. Should run stable and be able to save and load for example.
Missing log, using the one from digitaldude post.
Now playable with LLVM.
Moving to playable.