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Full Version: About Memory Usage
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Well @raven02..
I've made a change to add `erase` call to `remove_if` in PPULLVMRecompiler.cpp, but i don't know how much it would affect the memory usage. In case to compare, I built both and set both Log Level to "Nothing", and load the same game `ppu_thread.elf`. Unfortunately memory usage of 54b6616ec97c51b48bfb4e9544ea30baecf882ea is still less than fa6d9f1bb0eef4a34071809b1636499dd0646691.. (I don't know why).
And result of `dump_stack.elf` is just similar as `ppu_thead.elf`.

I watched the memory of rpcs3 when it launch, load game or restart game, run game. I've done running the same game several times, and both seems to be have similar stability in memory usage.
And for games involved Graphics Rendering, the memory usage increase every time in the run-stop-restart testing cycle (all of `gs_gcm_basic_triangle.elf`, `gs_gcm_cube.elf`, `gs_gcm_handle_system_cmd.elf` and `gs_gcm_hello_world.elf` may memory LEAKed?). Since RSX is still in early age of development that may not be considered as a real problem.

Also Memory usage would not decrease when ran a Graphic game and ran one without Graphic. Thus i could think that modules are only loaded when game load but not unload when game finished. This may be not an issue.. BTW, memory usage sometimes would raise when you maximize rpcs3 but not when minimize it. Since the difference is small (4KB) that i assume that is OK.

If anyone else would like to watch the usage please don't hesitate to post the result here.