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Full Version: sPrx and rpcs3?
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1. I know S(igned)PRX is something like DLL for the console.. And i saw the LLE Module loader.
2. I can use PS3IDA script along with unpacked PUP and fixelf-ed prx.
3. I saw some signatures in the elf then, still trying hard to read a few lines.
(4. But i still can't change some back into C-like pseudocode.. Can not fully read those assembly.. )
Eh iirc, devs are using debugger to do dynamic analysis. I've tried tools above almost two weeks ago, with all those sprx in /dev_flash/sys from DEX 400/355.
Now i don't know should we ever try to read the assembly and get some clues about some func.
Many games include sprx hope none of those cause issues.

Most of the sprxs' that have enc/dec contained in the name have another elf included in its binary.
Several files can not even be loaded with the script, but lucky i have seen many sig. libv2, libspurs_jq, libsync2 maybe important.
However i can not trust the script fully, since some entries be regarded as code. Well that may be IDA's fault.
those alike var_xx -0x68 is the stored reg/params, according to ABI doc.

If you think you would like to have a try you could get the decrypted sprx and then idb/i64 yourself. Luckily there is still PUP for DEX355 in China web storages.

BTW have anyone ever tried to use valgrind under linux for rpcs3? (it has no Win support)(In fact, Sorry i'm too lazy to get to irc..)