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Full Version: Resume button (Interpreter, JIT)
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Why in last builds (i think all last releases) emu with Interpreter mode in almost every game stuck on this and resume button doesn't work ? But in JIT mode it's ok
There are two major cases:

1) You pressed "Pause" button because you wanted to pause the emulator and "Resume" didn't work. Yeah, it could be a bug or something.
2) You didn't want it, but "Resume" appeared. It means that the emulator encountered very serious problem and decided to pause the emulation. It could be unimplemented stuff or bug in the emulator. It could be some bug in your graphic card's driver. Whatever, resuming after it is basically meaningless. Resuming doesn't solve the problem.

In any case, such reports are lacking the information. Not serious, but I would blacklist the phrase "any game" and ban anyone who used it for 12 hours. If it's really ANY game, it will be eventually noticed without reporting.