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Full Version: Greed Corp [NPUB30130]
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Shows intro. Tongue


Now shows two moving pixels in the middle, guess that's part of loading animation


using both liblv2.sprx only and strict rending mode the text is perfect and it goes in game at about 10fps on my i7-4770k with a rx 480 8gb Should be playable since its a turn based game.
Moving to playable
Build 0.0.3-83e139c
no longer requires load liblv2 only still requires strict rending mode for the text.
stuck in load screen...

seriously guys, i'm trying to help, a bunch of lesser known titles have regressions... not sure exactly when started as latest build, all of them, doesn't seem to work.

blazerush, greed corp, steredenn, burn zombie burn.

all of them have serious problems... I f anyone with love for these titles can look further into this would be VERY helpful...

thanks in advance.
this game no longer requires any special settings the defaults work if your having issues with the latest builds try this build should work its pre spu llvm or the latest master should also but they have been hit or miss lately since spu llvm and spu caching was added in a month or even a few weeks it should be fine.