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Full Version: Cross Channel: For All People [BLJM61187]
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Tested on latest rpcs3 commit 67bc9acbe0. Works very slow, and emulator stops working at end of video. To run game make sure to replace sn.sdat file with manually decrypted one and disable cellSaveDataAutoSave2 function in cellSaveData.cpp.


Looks amazing Big Grin Since Visual Novels usually have require minimal player interaction, they are perfect for RPCS3 at this stage Big Grin Really good job on this, hope it will be in the playable section soon Smile

Doesn't work in the latest master build.
The cellSaveDataAutoSave2 thingy is still breaking the game though.

Crashes with:
{PPU Thread[0x67] (sdu_sample_auto_save)[0x0003ede8]} HLE: Last function: cellSaveDataAutoSave2 (0x8b7ed64b)
{PPU Thread[0x67] (sdu_sample_auto_save)[0x0003ede8]} Exception: Access violation reading location 0x000004ae
(in file ..\Utilities\Thread.cpp:1133, in function throw_access_violation)
Please report this to the developers.

Save/load works, graphics work, sound works. Playable.
Moving to playable