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Full Version: Bejeweled 3 [BLUS30865]
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At the begining, logo is normal. After being loaded, it gets full bright and upsidedown. It loops at this point.
Goes to menu with lle

Cant make it run on cold boot. I need to boot it twice to make it advance to menu. It closes itself eventually or stop without error. This log is self quit.

need wtite color buffer

png dec

Interesting disc, it contains actually three, choosable games.

After boot disc game, all looks good, i see nice menu. Then in menu i can choose one of three games. I choose Bejeweled, then rpcs3 automatically close and open again!. Then it load boot.bin file..
After the error and resuming i get repeteadly W {PPU[0x80000001] Thread (FMOD BGM status query thread) [0x006d4190]} cellSysutil: cellSysutilGetBgmPlaybackStatus(status=*0xd0013d40)

Log in attachment
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6277-e768bdc8 Alpha
Bejeweled 3 game starts and goes ingame.
two remainig games stop at throphy problem
I edited your post and added version identifier, but please do this in the future.
Euro version playable.