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Full Version: Sacred Citadel [NPUB30864]
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Shows some intros and (probably) loading screen/menu.
Goes ingame, graphics badly broken.
Recorded small video. Tongue This game have similar issue, like Caladrius Blaze and Raiden IV, to display graphics you should uncomment this string in RSXThread.cpp



Good News! This is a good begining.
Goes ingame with broken graphics on recent master build. "LoadProgram exception bypass" hack used.
RSX: E {rsx::thread} Unknown/illegal instruction: 0x17 (forced unit 0)
RSX: E {rsx::thread} Unknown/illegal instruction: 0x37 (forced unit 0)
RSX: E {rsx::thread} FS build failed:D:\rpcs3\FragmentProgram.hlsl(210,58-62): error X3000: syntax error: unexpected token 'break'
D:\rpcs3\FragmentProgram.hlsl(211,58-62): error X3000: syntax error: unexpected token 'break'
Tested on recent master build v0.0.1-22c0f0d6 (PR #2405). Graphics improved, but still pretty broken.

LLE used
- libac3dec.sprx
    - libac3dec2.sprx
    - libadec.sprx
    - libapostsrc_mini.sprx
    - libat3dec.sprx
    - libatrac3plus.sprx
    - libatxdec.sprx
    - libdmux.sprx
    - libdmuxpamf.sprx
    - libl10n.sprx
    - libpamf.sprx
    - libresc.sprx
    - librtc.sprx
    - libsail.sprx
    - libsail_avi.sprx
    - libsail_rec.sprx
    - libsjvtd.sprx
    - libsmvd2.sprx
    - libsmvd4.sprx
    - libspurs_jq.sprx
    - libsre.sprx