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Full Version: rpcs3 builds
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hi, since the buildbot doesnt work right now, could a kind soul post the newest build of the emu?
too, i'm want too the new version(


emucr.com makes daily builds
ohh, just wait for pull request by raven and upload for emunewz =)


don't be so anxious. It isn't like you gonna play GTA6 on rpcs3 with new rev Big Grin


well buildbot is online 24/7 sometimes it gets freeze and need a push. Sadly it appears that it prefers weekends and it's summer here in greece so hmm i mostly spend my time in beach bars with chicks ehmm beatiful girls rather than watching buildbot :p
(06-29-2014, 12:01 AM)r00lz Wrote: [ -> ]emucr.com makes daily builds
It would be good advice other than that emucr builds are likely to crash more than from devs or from buildbot.