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Full Version: DosBox
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I modified dosbox-0.74.conf a bit, changed midi device to synth.
There are some games based on dos box, they might start to work, i might test when having a free time.

Log: http://pastebin.com/9ha3db2U

Texture from debugger:
now, dosbox games not working...(just black screen with fps)
(Prince of Persia, bubble booble and other...)
I found weird thing. Original DosBox is HBDB90000 and here in .dosbox is config dosbox-0.74.conf
Any other dosbox based game has its own .dosbox folder with file with same name above but it contains strings with mounted games. Weird thing is dosbox games do not read its own conf files but original plain DOSBox one from HBDB90000. So if you want to have bubblegame working, copy dosbox-0.74.conf from bubble folder to HBDB90000 folder. And do it every time when want to run different game. I made show TRON game show in rsx debugger, but not in display window.

Side note: many games seem partialy working but dont show up in dispaly window only in rsx debugger. hmm my graphic drivers/gpu is wrong or game just do not render to dispaly yet?
This is basically working as it should, if you look in the rsx debugger. With keyboard handler set to windows I wrote what you see below. Some key presses were missed...

A spamy log: http://pastebin.com/rChRRaJv

[Image: BCGkAIW.png]