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Full Version: Programmer looking to join the team
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Hi everyone,
I am a professional programmer currently working as software Engineer developing aircrafts simulators using c++ (at elbit systems).
Joining your team sounds really intetesting because i am an avid gamer and always wanted to write a console emulator.
Where should i start? I imagine that i need to read and learn a lot of the background material before i join. Can you please help me with this?

Omri pearl


Hi Alex,
Thanks for your reply and the information!
I'll start with reading some background material.
Do I need a high end pc to run the current version of the emulator?


doing cellspurs would be awesome, then again there are still many gcm commands that arent implemented. There is still so much to do


SSE 4 is only necessary if you want to use the SPU recompiler I think. I don't remember seeing many intrinsics outside of the recompiler.


Ok, thanksSmile
Nice! Good luck, Omri Smile


(06-04-2014, 11:15 AM)fenix0082 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice! Good luck, Omri Smile